Blood & Snow

Hair: Combination of “Odette” bangs and “Tanya” hair, both by TRUTH

Dress: Bathory Gown by Boudoir

In Blue n Purple

Hair: Red Mint no. 04 lavender (modified)
Gloves: jessica rabbit gloves, from the jessica rabbit outfit by Jet Doll
Shoes: B&G amanda shoes (azul)
Hat: Mme Chatouille top hat, part of the outfit with the same name by Devious Mind
Pants: part of the chained dress in purple by The Death
Necklace: raven necklace by League
Corset: Sassy Kitty Designs passion lust corset blue/black

 Lazy in Pink

Hair: Sj hair Rita by Lelutka (modified)
Belt: Punk girl belt (black) by Monroe Constantine
Hat: Cute but Psycho hat by The Mad Hattery
Bracelet: Fallen Bracelet by HoD
Necklace: Hannya Necklace by Mandala
Stockings: Gartered Socks in Fuchsia by League
Gag: Inner bunny gag by Glue Ink ( from the YIBH hunt )
Dress: Chacha Dress Net by
Boots: Stompers in Hot Pink by TheAbyss

Dazzling White

Hair: Lamar (white) by CatWa

Shirt: Highway star ( white) , by SG

Belt: Vigilante belt (modified by me) , from LAYER

Stockings: Fishnet stockings in white by Vextra Fashion

Necklace: White Pearl Necklace by Caroline’s

Embrace the Darkness


hair: katy deepblack bt creatives
ears: Elflorn Goth by Panda Express
boots: KaS ballet boots
Gloves: part of the MmeChatouille outfit in black by DeviousMind
Heart pasties: Part of the Valentine Games for girls pack by Sassy Kitty Designs
Outfit: The UnAngel by AVID

Craving for your bones

Covering the flesh:

Hair: Fuzzy (Onyx/Dirty) by rQ
Ears: Elflorn Goth by Panda Express
Heels: Devil’s High Heels by Pixel Fashion
Gloves and stockings: part of the Sexy Skelly outfit by Femme Fatale
Necklace: HoD Fallen Necklace
Piercing: HoD Symphony Piercing
Dress: Hallow’s Heart Dress by SAKIDE

Video Killed the Radio Star

– Telly Hair by Paper Heart

– Punk Sweet Lace Dress by Aliza Karu

– Half Fishnet Stockings by Linc

– Kandula Necklace by League

– Gungre Boots by TheAbyss

– Fallen Bracelet by HoD



– Hair : Porcelain by Magika

– Miss Kitty Burlesque by RD

– Moulin Noir bra by AVID

– Baby T’s pumps in blood by Pixel Mode

Love Boat

The captain’s wearing:

Hair: Sileny (crow) by Truth
Hat:Officer’s Cap in white by DECO
Clothes: Ahoi sailor! ( cheetah) by GSpot
Heels: N-Core caresse ( hiver)
Necklace: Miel Sen Necklace

One apple a day keeps the Doc away

I am wearing:

Hair: Truth Aradhana (espresso)
Smushyface: Cherry Harvest Corset Top
K&L: Distressed Denim Shorts (part of the Angry Kitty outfit)

Circus Freak

What barely covers me:

– Feather Queen Diamond Lingerie & Tassels Black Peacock by Devious Mind Showtime Couture
– Hair: Miley by Diram
– Heels: N-Core Caresse (hiver)

Latex Dream

On my Skin:

– Liquid latex outfit by Vitabela Dubrovna

– Boots: J’s thigh high boots (black)

– Collar: Rozoregalia Hydra Necklace

My moustache (is better than yours)

Hair: KLETVA-SAM Hair /Surreal (unisex)
Moustache: Boom Moustache CC39 Brown
Shoes:Sculpted Saddle Shoes Female (red shiny)
Pants & suspender: Part if the outfit Sean, by Eoma’s world.
Shirt with tie: Kaotica-Dress Shirt Red Tie
Pipe: Classic Somkers Pipe by R&V Concepts

Baby, you can drive my car

What covers my pixels:

– Jacket: Orchid Club Jacket by Emery for the Dressing Room Blue

– Pants: Leezu glitter pants (gold)

– Necklace: Deer Necklace by Mstyle

– Heels: Esther Heels in Champagne by B&G shoes

– Hair: Dotty (black out) by Ploom

Black & White

On my skin:

– Hat: Black and white burlesque top hat (part of the black and white burlesque costume, by RD)
– Bustle: Black bustle, part of the teeny meeny dress by +ezura+
– Boa: VLW Feather Boa Open
-Bra: Vivi Bra, part of the set Vivienne Black lingerie set by RD
– Stockings & Garters: Digit Darkes Fall09 Collection
– Corset: Deetalez Pants Lace panty Girdle white
– Pumps: Haut Monde Gossip Heels (cloud)
– Hair: Lacie I by Milana

Hun, i think you lost your panties

The girl with clothes on wears:

– Jacket: Sheena (army) by Emery

– Jeans: Tyra Lowrise Jeans Flare (Peach)

– Pumps: Pixel Mode : Baby T’s (Black)

– Necklace: Morantique – Lush/Oui necklace

– Hair: Milana- Lacie (blacks)

You Can’t Touch This

What cover my pixels:

– Hair: Orchid (plain) crow, by Truth

– Pumps: Pixel Mode Baby T’s (black)

– Can’t Touch This outfit by Vitabela Dubrovna

Lace punkish

What i am wearing:

– Hair : Raw House Tijana Hair in Onyx

– Dress: Lace Dream Dress by Vitabela Dubrovna

– Cuffs: Part of the Unbridled outfit by Avid

– Collar: Sorrow by Panda Express

– Stockings: Part of the Burlesque Princess outfit by TGIS

– Piercings: Sideswept V3 Razor, by HoD

– Boots: Grunge boots in black by TheAbyss

5 Responses to “FashionPassion”

  1. karmannghiamcginnis June 13, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    What a great look, Amelie! Congrats on the new style page. I have you have great fun and success with it 🙂

    • ameliesilverweb June 13, 2011 at 2:40 am #

      Glad you liked it hun!! I hope you also like the new looks to come 🙂

  2. Ella Senyurt June 19, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    Siiss!! This shows me some shops i hadnt heard of before.
    Its bad for my bank account, but good for me!

    xoxo your evil twin Ella

  3. Developer November 1, 2011 at 7:36 am #

    What a great look, Amelie! Congrats on the new style page. I have you have great fun and success with it

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