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The Piranha Plant & The Tropical Elf

1 Apr

Everyone knows elves love nature, forests, lakes, flowers and animals and so on…an also a good party!!! This elf didn’t think twice before accepting the teleport to Sanctuary Rock. Event was “tropical party” so i thought….aloha!!!! and landed right in the middle of the dancefloor. As soon as everything rezzed, i instantly saw this creature: huge, green and with a very beautiful smile, showing off his big sharp white teeth.

Audrey, the piranha plant, started to drool right away and asked for a couple dance. I was a bit scared at first, but he (yes, Audrey is a he) promised i wouldn’t get bitten so i accepted…

Ever tried couple dancing with a huge plant? He was cute and green and so…but he was stepping on my feet all the time with his branches and roots! We decided to change and dance solo instead, was a great idea ‘cos my toes were starting to hurt badly.

We were both enjoying each other’s company, dancing and chatting and smiling all over, joking around and just having fun.

– Audrey: I think i love you Amelie.
– Me: Awwww i love you too Audrey.
– Audrey: Can i kiss you?
– Me: Sure you can!

– Me: Hey, you are trying to bite me!!!
– Audrey: Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (this said while chasing me all over the place, trying to bite me)
– Me: No friggin’ way!!!

So i just ran away as far as an elf with high heels can.

Conclussion: never dance with a piranha plant until he has eaten someone else 🙂

Hangover apocalypse

6 Mar

Yes, i am sure you all have had one of these mornings, when you wake up with a weird taste on your mouth, some meaningfull sentence written on your face, maybe even some custom drawing too, and someone’s undies on your head.
You barely remember what happened last night, but you think it was big fun, just because your whole body aches. Suddenly, you notice you’re not alone…
Then you look at the other side of the bed and see someone for the first time, you rub your eyes but no, the stranger’s still there!

-Hmmmm, you say.
-Hey, stranger answers.

At this point, you have two options: being a nice host and make some coffee for both, or kick the stranger out of your place and try not to bump into each other ever again.

I wont say which one was my choice, but afterwards i decided to hang out a bit. Too lazy to dress up, i picked some leggins and an oversized t-shirt and left. I was wondering what were those people looking at…

…when i started hearing them almost pissing on themselves.
And then it happened: i saw him. All dressed for the occassion, wearing a tie like only a true gentleman can do…I couldn’t stop perving him!

I was wondering if i should go and talk to him, when he rezzed these couple dance poseballs.

-Fancy a dance?, he said.
– Uhu, i answered.

Time was flying and we were dancing like noone else was there, they all vanished in this hangover apocalypse.

– Hello stranger, i said.
– Nice hat, he answered.

And we both smiled 🙂

Lie, Pornocchio lie!!!!!

2 Mar

We always complain about how easily people lie, and get hurted when we find out the truth. Lies can cause a big damage in any kind of relationship, from friendship to partnership. It is like using a duct tape. When you stick it for the first time it sticks perfectly, but if you unstick it and use it again…it will never fit so perfectly. Conclusion: once lies appear and trust is damaged, things are never the same.

Of course you can forgive, try to forget, and go on…but deep inside things wont be the same ever. A broken mirror can never look brand new, even if you glue the pieces.

All this said, i met someone that i really really cant wait to get fooled by. I want him to lie to me, big big lies with no mercy. He’s a bit shorter than me and he is…well…made of wood. Wanna know who am talking about?

Lie Pornocchio lie!!!!!!!

Unfortunately he wasnt too excited about his wooden body , said this family of thermites were making holes all around his tiny body. He asked this faerie to make him a human boy…

And she turned him into a grown up man…and very yummy i must say.

Shame he lost his growing nose…lies arent fun anymore ;p

Friday i’m in love…

18 Feb

with myself ;p

This morning right after having my tea i started doing a photoshop project for a friend, and i was amazed at how many awful pics certain people post on the net. I needed good material i could easily edit to make it look like she needs (sorry can’t give too many details) and i got more than i thought i could find!

Here’s me looking for inspiration. I had fun, and i also have some more ideas for new “postcards”. I only hope certain superhero likes the project too…dont want to have the batdude as an enemy!!!

Once this was done, i needed to get my setlist ready for tonight at SL ADDICTS. I like chosing tunes that arent played often and also investigate for new groups, so people get a chance to listen to songs they havent heard…always hoping they like them as much as i do!
Takes some time thinking but the fun i have and the kickass time i think people can have with me is worth it 🙂

Thinking if i should play “this” or “that”…

Downloading like mad hehe 🙂

For tonight i have a bit of 80’s, some indie, some fun covers, and even german accordians!!
I soooo hope you can join me, remember 4-6 pm sl time.

And, from 6 pm sl time… AUCTION @ SANCTUARY ROCK !!!!!!
Both staff and patrons will be auctioned to raise funds for the club. Bid for that person you lik and get a FUN DATE!!!

See you!!

The invassion of the monster cocks

17 Feb

I had plans for another post about something else, but will publish it maybe tomorrow. What happened yesterday deserves a quick little post by itself.
It was Sci-Fi event at Sanctuary Rock and i chose to be a Na’vi, from the movie Avatar, you know those blue tall fellows. Frig was wearing frenchie stuff, not sure if he considers frenchies from another planet or if he is the alien one ( a classy alien for sure) ;p

Our sexy dancer for the event, Nawti Goodnight, didnt have anything sci-fi to wear so i sent her something that really looks from another universe…one of those things i have in my inventory, that you never know when you might need…
Told her to attach it to spine without asking, she did and…

Could she look even more scary?? Oh yesssssss!
The creature started growing strange looking wings, i zoomed with my cam and…omfg, what is that?

I have to say no humans, elves or aliens were damaged while taking these pics. Noone has seen the cock monster since last night. Please if you see it, call the biohazard brigade ;p

Xtreme makeover

16 Feb

While i was hosting an early morning ( late night for some of you) event at SANCTUARY ROCK, a sleepless Karm asked for a tp and we had this convo regarding one of the people there:

Amelie Silverweb‧: i would take him shopping
Karmannghia McGinnis‧: big time!
Amelie Silverweb‧: haha
Amelie Silverweb‧: we’re evil
Karmannghia McGinnis‧: isn’t that half the fun? 😉
Amelie Silverweb‧: oh yes!!!!

We were talking about that certain someone that has been in SL for like 4 years and still looks like 4 days old. You know what i mean, that “newbie” look.

I understand perfectly that some people dont want to spend money in nice shapes, skins, hair or clothing, but come on, i know some freebie or almost freebie places where you can get nice stuff almost free!!
Anyway, this made me think of all the changes i’ve gone through in this year and a bit in SL and i thought you might be interested in seeing some graphic documents about those stages:

This is the first date i had with my ex, 14th February last year. Skin is from Redgrave and the hair i still use it sometimes. Shape i dont remember, but i edited the body shape, never liked those skinny avis out there. During that time, i was working as a burlesque dancer.

Me @ Khon Howler’s opening party, yes the skin is veeeeeery pale but i loved it, and the hair is by RQ.

Had this one as my profile pic for a while. Skin is the spanish skin (lol) from Unique. I love the red colour in the lips.

Some kind of wicked leprechaun, once i first tried those elf ears i couldnt take them off!!! I wonder why didnt i discover them earlier. Belleza skin here.

And this is one my latest pics. I found this skin store Curio, they have an awesome range of elf skins i just love. Very realistic textures and the freckles look great too.

Hope you liked the journey in time and watch out for the “Thousand costumes in Ame’s inventory” coming soon… ;p