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Doofy & Snow White, just another bizarre love story

29 Jul

Being a princess isn’t easy, specially when your dad gets married with an evil woman that is jealous of your youth and beauty. Snow White got tired of all those boring princes that only wanted the secksin and her dad’s money so she was quite glad when her stepmother sent her to the dark forest…

No animals , no people, nothing. She was about to die of boredom when suddenly she started hearing some music…Following the sound she found a club in the middle of the forest and there he was, giving it all on the dancefloor.

– Hey pretty!!! My name is Doofy, how are you?

– Hello, i am Snow White, but my friends call me Snowhite. I am a bit lost in the forest.

– Oh, don’t worry i can take you home. Used to live with my 6 brothers but i got tired of them. Wanna see where i live?

She was hungry and needed to pee badly, so was quite happy to go somewhere nice, and that little dwarf looked harmless…


– Ohhh i love roses, thank you!!

– A girl like you should always have roses.

– I like you, Doofy.

Snowhite was feeling safe with that sweet romancing dwarf, they danced and danced and finally rested a bit on the beach.


– Mmm Doofy, you have a big thing in your pocket!

– Oh…that…that is my mobile phone sweety. Anyway, do you wanna see the rest of the place?

– Sure, do you have a toilet?

– Ermm…yes i guess…


Doofy said they’d play a game, and after playing she could pee. Snowhite agreed, after all she was very curious about this guy and always liked playing.


– Ooh a cross! Dad’s wife has one, but i never knew what was it for.

– It is a very funny toy, just let me adjust the cuffs and…voila!

After a while she was sweating lots, so Doofy gently offered to help her get undressed… and they continued playing.


After an hour or so Doofy and Snowhite were both tired, and the idea of a massage seemed nice…



– Oh, almost forgot, next week it’s my birthday. My 6 brothers will visit, wanna join the party?

– Sure Doofy, i am not going anywhere…

Oh my deer!!!

24 Feb

Have you ever roleplayed? If so, what are your experiences?
I think SecondLife is some kind of role play , at least for some peeps, but i never tried my hand at rp’ing.

Since i found out about NeverWhere, a rp sim with pirates, elves, merfolks and some other fantasy creatures i’ve been wanting to write a post about it. The url provided will take you to Panda Express Main Store. Click the NeverWhere poster to get the rules, observer tag and info and use the teleporter to start exploring.
Since once you start roleplaying there you cant change shape or hair colour, i’d thought i could try something i’ve never wore and see what happens.

Oh Deer by Panda Express

The Sim info notecard says:
THIS IS A MATURE SIM! Adult actions are preformed here! Dark adult actions! To include but not limited too:

I am surprised that anyone wants to perform a rape rp action, since it is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Certain sexual games can be fun , but rape?
Anyway, the part that also catched my attention was the canibalism bit. Since an avi has a soul, and it’s made of pixels…can my pixels be eaten by a hungry cannibal avi?

Hungry for more information i started touring this awesome place. Wether if you are into rp’ing or not the place itself is worth a visit. I got my eyes whide open just in case someone tried to eat my lovely pixels, and luckily enough i am safe and have all my attachments in place. I am sooooo gonna go back when i can spend more than a few minutes exploring. Here’s a small sample of the beauty you can find at Neverwhere.

Have a nice day everyone!!!