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The big masquerade

9 Mar

Mardi Grass, Carnival or whatever it is named in your country, most of us take the chance and wear our masks, costumes and so on.
You can wear a mask for fun, to fool around with friends or to scare people and have a laugh…or to add that touch of mystery, make people wonder who is hiding behind the mask. Gives people the chance to change who they are for a few hours and free themselves so they can be a different person or character. Once the spell is over, they get back to being who they are and go back to their lives…til next carnival.

In some cultures masks are used to get in contact with spirits and forces of nature, nowadays i think we used them mostly to get in touch with our inner selves.

This made me think about those people that wear a mask in their everyday life. People that are forced to look and to act like someone else, to play a role that doesn’t fit them just to achieve a status or to simply live the life they think they want. Sometimes you wear a mask too so people don’t notice you’re sad or worried, to protect yourself or to protect others but…what is the point?

I personally prefer wearing just my regular face but…is it worth wearing a mask?