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Jump up Jump up (and get down)

12 Jun

One of the best things about Second Life is being able to perform acts and live experiences you forgot about or never had the chance to. Great creators have helped creating a whole universe to live, explore, and enjoy…and allow us to create our fantasy world ourselves using their creations.

I love decorating in real life, so how could i not love it in Second Life? And it is much easier (and cheaper) changing decoration in a virtual world , at least you don’t need anyone to help you moving furniture!

I bet you all have seen many beds in sl with great sex animations, some even have sound (which in my oppinion is awful), and the typical cuddling stuff. But i never found before a bed with a jumping animation!!!



And i think fits perfectly in my new treehouse!!!


Yes, i know i said i’d post pics of my new place but i want to make a proper phototour, and i want Karm to see it inworld first. For now i am going to edit a section of this blog. One of the pages will be dedicated to fashion, styling and so. Since i get some people asking me inworld where i buy my stuff (and since i don’t mind people “copying” my clothes) i will post pictures with directions to where to get my clothing and hair.

I will leave you with a video of one of those “one hit wonders”, one that reminds me of when i was…well, younger.


Jump around!!!!


Bitchy beach party

30 May

Thanx to the Unlikely Lads blog i found some awesome speedos. You could think they were too daring to be worn but, is there anything too daring for Jops? I doubt that.
So, i took the chance and arranged a beach party for my weekly set at SL Addicts . Add some sand, palm trees, cold beer and some fruity milkshakes, invite some hawt people wearing swimwear and there you go…the perfect bitchy beach party!!!!

Now tell me if those speedos dont deserve an event!!!

Yes, Frig couldn’t ressist showing off his swim fashion ;p

Here you can even perv Karm’s frontside…

And her backside too!!!

Some other peeps showed up, even Hope was there but she didn’t dare to wear her bikini ;p and i couldn’t find the moment to take more pics so i hope you like the selection i made.

Thanx all for joining me and i am accepting ideas for upcoming parties!!

Apres-ski Tirolese Drunk German In Mallorca Party

9 Apr

Weird name for a party you could think but, in fact, it is the most suitable for what happened yesterday at SL Addicts!!!
One week ago, while spinning Anton Aus Tirol and seeing the reaction to such an awesome tune, i got the idea of a tirolese kinda party and…guess what? No one dared to stop me!!!
So, i got my lederhosen, my goat and 2 hours of “torture tunes” and headed to the club.

Hope was already there with the beer!!!!…maybe she thought she was gonna need it?Love ya girl!

The smell of the beer attracted Joppem Aus Tirol, he brought his own beer to make sure we had enough booze to survive the tuneage and showed us how to dance the traditional tiroler folk dance and how delightful movements he made!!

Two more tirolers came skiing straight from the Alps, they didn’t event take off their skis to dance, stole some beers from Hope and started to speak words only drunk germans can understand so…

i accepted Jops belgian beers and decided it was time to please the masses with my sweet voice (LOL). I didn’t even cared about following the lyrics, and i bet they didn’t notice!!

And guess what? Even the sexy Karmannghia McGinnis joined the party!!!She didn’t dare to wear a lederhosen, but she chose a very nice dress to match the spirit of the event!!!

I have to admit, while doing the setlist, i was wondering if anyone would manage to survive and stay for two full hours, even with me singing more than usual!!But i had in mind making someone laugh, and i think i made it!!!

Some came and left, but they stayed and they all deserved to take a new friend home…

Isn’t she cute?

Maybe i should design a shirt: “i survived Ame’s tirolese party” lmao!!

The bear and the inflatable lover

26 Feb

While getting the setlist ready for my friday party at SL Addicts i couldnt imagine the kind of patrons that joined my set ;p
Theme was sexiest avi and prize was 69 linden dollars and a TNT Sex Bed, and you know when you say sex anything can happen!!
I am really glad Karm and Jops could join us!!It is always fun, but it’s much better with friends 🙂

We were all having a blast, and looks like the tuneage and the smexxyness floating in the air got Makin in the mood for some lovin’. He looked for a volunteer, but all the girls were busy shakin’ their pixels to my music, so he had to use his imagination…and those gadgets hidden in your inventory you usually dont dare to take out!!

Tracy did her best to fulfill his needs, but seems he had too much energy to spend…and a huge amount of lube!!
Suddenly, he invited Bernie the Bear to his own orgy…here’s the graphic proof:

I wonder if Verne will have a cousin soon…

The story of the elf that lost her soul

21 Feb

Have you ever wondered if an avi has a soul? I always thought it is the person behind the avi, but guess what? I was wrong.

Yesterday i went with Karm to see a tribute band playing Volbeat songs. We were enjoying the show,dancing and singing along when i got this message: yummy alert at 6.

I couldnt help saying hi to the yummy one, as nice as i am lol. He told me he is a vampire, and you know those peeps always scan you first!! I admitted i was once bitten. It was no big deal, he said it was a hug animation, i accepted and …ta-da! Next thing i knew was my soul went to Limbo. Evelyna took me to buy a potion the next day and i thought that was it. Well no, according to the yummy i cant get my soul back and it will go to the next vampire that bites me.

Yummy, Karm & me

I know a few vampire fellows that want to suck my blood, and i have always said no. If they were Eric Northmam (aka Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd) i’d let them suck my blood for sure!! (and maybe even something else ;p)

And the worst part is looks like if i wait some more, my soul will go into abyss. I wonder what would happen then…will i become a zombie? Will my attachments fall and my skin get rotten? Zombies eat brains and intestines….yikes!!!

After this , we went to do some Tai-chi, you know to relax body and find peace of mind and soul…

Maybe i can buy a new soul at the marketplace?

Will these questions find an answer?

To be continued…

Friday i’m in love…

18 Feb

with myself ;p

This morning right after having my tea i started doing a photoshop project for a friend, and i was amazed at how many awful pics certain people post on the net. I needed good material i could easily edit to make it look like she needs (sorry can’t give too many details) and i got more than i thought i could find!

Here’s me looking for inspiration. I had fun, and i also have some more ideas for new “postcards”. I only hope certain superhero likes the project too…dont want to have the batdude as an enemy!!!

Once this was done, i needed to get my setlist ready for tonight at SL ADDICTS. I like chosing tunes that arent played often and also investigate for new groups, so people get a chance to listen to songs they havent heard…always hoping they like them as much as i do!
Takes some time thinking but the fun i have and the kickass time i think people can have with me is worth it 🙂

Thinking if i should play “this” or “that”…

Downloading like mad hehe 🙂

For tonight i have a bit of 80’s, some indie, some fun covers, and even german accordians!!
I soooo hope you can join me, remember 4-6 pm sl time.

And, from 6 pm sl time… AUCTION @ SANCTUARY ROCK !!!!!!
Both staff and patrons will be auctioned to raise funds for the club. Bid for that person you lik and get a FUN DATE!!!

See you!!

Xtreme makeover

16 Feb

While i was hosting an early morning ( late night for some of you) event at SANCTUARY ROCK, a sleepless Karm asked for a tp and we had this convo regarding one of the people there:

Amelie Silverweb‧: i would take him shopping
Karmannghia McGinnis‧: big time!
Amelie Silverweb‧: haha
Amelie Silverweb‧: we’re evil
Karmannghia McGinnis‧: isn’t that half the fun? 😉
Amelie Silverweb‧: oh yes!!!!

We were talking about that certain someone that has been in SL for like 4 years and still looks like 4 days old. You know what i mean, that “newbie” look.

I understand perfectly that some people dont want to spend money in nice shapes, skins, hair or clothing, but come on, i know some freebie or almost freebie places where you can get nice stuff almost free!!
Anyway, this made me think of all the changes i’ve gone through in this year and a bit in SL and i thought you might be interested in seeing some graphic documents about those stages:

This is the first date i had with my ex, 14th February last year. Skin is from Redgrave and the hair i still use it sometimes. Shape i dont remember, but i edited the body shape, never liked those skinny avis out there. During that time, i was working as a burlesque dancer.

Me @ Khon Howler’s opening party, yes the skin is veeeeeery pale but i loved it, and the hair is by RQ.

Had this one as my profile pic for a while. Skin is the spanish skin (lol) from Unique. I love the red colour in the lips.

Some kind of wicked leprechaun, once i first tried those elf ears i couldnt take them off!!! I wonder why didnt i discover them earlier. Belleza skin here.

And this is one my latest pics. I found this skin store Curio, they have an awesome range of elf skins i just love. Very realistic textures and the freckles look great too.

Hope you liked the journey in time and watch out for the “Thousand costumes in Ame’s inventory” coming soon… ;p

The Hunter

14 Feb

After the Tainted Love Hunt, my first hunt in SL i was looking for another hunt with original gifts, not the typical Valentine’s stuff. Following the steps of my friend Karmannghia McGinnis i decided doing the Cupid Heart Hunt. With that name you could think it is all pink heart and flowers and teddybears but no, it is a tour around 31 great japanese designers’ stores where you will find very creative stuff. From furniture to clothes, not forgetting hair, skins and so on.

I will definetely pay a visit to most of those stores from tomorrow, i was in a rush to finnish the hunt (last day was today) and explored only 3 or 4 of them. Also the landscaping and decoration of some of the stores is worth a visit by itself.

And for all of these lazy asses around there, here are two tricks me and Karm have used when we were desperate to find that certain item while hunting. I must say i only used it a couple of times during the Tainted Love Hunt and i have to confess i finnished this Cupid Heart Hunt in a few hours thanks to it.
If you dont want to ruin the fun in hunting…dont abuse of these tools!!!

1. Go to advanced menu, then rendering, select wireframe and there you go!!!Might be a bit painful to your eyes if you do it for too long, but as you can see it makes much easier finding those hidden objects.

2. If you have Phoenix, you can also use the Area Search tool (thanx Frig for sharing!). Just go to the Phoenix menu, click Area Search and type in the first field the name of the object you’re looking for. Minimise it and a red arrow will show you the way.

Happy hunting!!!

Home Sweet home

10 Feb

Last night, after my event at Sanctuary Rock, i toured Karm and Cheruscii around my new SL home. It is a prebuilt castle by Fabien Desantis furnished and decorated by me. I also did the landscaping in this small parcel and i have to say i am very happy with the result.

Many SL homes are empty or unused most of the time, but i like spending time in mine, listening to music, lazying around, changing clothes or simply swinging in the moon 🙂

Took some pics to show you a quick sample of my place:

The landing of the dynamic duo.

The lovely cuddle boat detailed 🙂

Karm & me chakra balancing

The cuddling hideout

The awesome bookcase that actually gives notecards with short stories.

Pool table. Yes, it’s the same one that we had at Khon Howlers

One of my fave places, the dressing room where i can adjust my attachments hehe.

Batman travelling to the other side…

My dining place 🙂

Full bedroom set inspired by Klimt, one of my fave artists.

The bedroom’s fireplace

Time flies when you’re having fun, and the tour ended at 4 am my time!

Hope you liked it!!

Yes, i was finally dragged here…

6 Feb

By lovely Karm ;p

While we were doing the Tainted Love Hunt all around SL grid, she suggested i should start a blog, telling the series of fortunate and unfortunate events or this crazy but sweet kinda elf that loves doing the chicken dance and exploring the unknown in this virtual world. So i thought…why not?

About me? Well i wont say too much, just to keep your interest in this lil’ blog. I’ll say i’ve loved, i’ve laughed, i’ve cried and i’ve been angry, and all this with the same passion. I know i am not perfect and i love it this way. In SL i have mostly met very interesting people that i’d love to keep as friends for a long long time, and discovered new things everyday, these are the things that keep me stuck with this game ;p

I currently enjoy my virtual life with my special people, and working as a host @ Sanctuary Rock and as a dj @ Sl Addicts. Will be posting about events here too, but this first post is dedicated to all the creators participating in this hunt, i want to thank you all for the awesome gifts you’ve put inside those tainted hearts!!!

Was hard but sooo much fun! Cant wait for the next one!

See you in the grid ;p