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The invassion of the monster cocks

17 Feb

I had plans for another post about something else, but will publish it maybe tomorrow. What happened yesterday deserves a quick little post by itself.
It was Sci-Fi event at Sanctuary Rock and i chose to be a Na’vi, from the movie Avatar, you know those blue tall fellows. Frig was wearing frenchie stuff, not sure if he considers frenchies from another planet or if he is the alien one ( a classy alien for sure) ;p

Our sexy dancer for the event, Nawti Goodnight, didnt have anything sci-fi to wear so i sent her something that really looks from another universe…one of those things i have in my inventory, that you never know when you might need…
Told her to attach it to spine without asking, she did and…

Could she look even more scary?? Oh yesssssss!
The creature started growing strange looking wings, i zoomed with my cam and…omfg, what is that?

I have to say no humans, elves or aliens were damaged while taking these pics. Noone has seen the cock monster since last night. Please if you see it, call the biohazard brigade ;p

Xtreme makeover

16 Feb

While i was hosting an early morning ( late night for some of you) event at SANCTUARY ROCK, a sleepless Karm asked for a tp and we had this convo regarding one of the people there:

Amelie Silverweb‧: i would take him shopping
Karmannghia McGinnis‧: big time!
Amelie Silverweb‧: haha
Amelie Silverweb‧: we’re evil
Karmannghia McGinnis‧: isn’t that half the fun? 😉
Amelie Silverweb‧: oh yes!!!!

We were talking about that certain someone that has been in SL for like 4 years and still looks like 4 days old. You know what i mean, that “newbie” look.

I understand perfectly that some people dont want to spend money in nice shapes, skins, hair or clothing, but come on, i know some freebie or almost freebie places where you can get nice stuff almost free!!
Anyway, this made me think of all the changes i’ve gone through in this year and a bit in SL and i thought you might be interested in seeing some graphic documents about those stages:

This is the first date i had with my ex, 14th February last year. Skin is from Redgrave and the hair i still use it sometimes. Shape i dont remember, but i edited the body shape, never liked those skinny avis out there. During that time, i was working as a burlesque dancer.

Me @ Khon Howler’s opening party, yes the skin is veeeeeery pale but i loved it, and the hair is by RQ.

Had this one as my profile pic for a while. Skin is the spanish skin (lol) from Unique. I love the red colour in the lips.

Some kind of wicked leprechaun, once i first tried those elf ears i couldnt take them off!!! I wonder why didnt i discover them earlier. Belleza skin here.

And this is one my latest pics. I found this skin store Curio, they have an awesome range of elf skins i just love. Very realistic textures and the freckles look great too.

Hope you liked the journey in time and watch out for the “Thousand costumes in Ame’s inventory” coming soon… ;p