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Luck O’ The Elvish

18 Mar

Luck: an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon that causes an event to result one way rather than another; “bad luck caused his downfall”; “we ran into each other by pure chance”

People have been trying to find ways to attract good luck through the centuries, and in every country or even culture there are objects that are known for “bringing” good luck to you: lucky charms.

Four leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, horsehoe, wishbone…which one is your fave? I personally do not have faith in any object. I think the most important thing is being positive, keeping in mind that even though you might have problems (as everyone else), all bad things have also a good side, and viceversa. I don’t know if it’s because i always try to look to the brighter side of my life, but i consider myself pretty lucky both in Second Life and in Real Life. You can wear all the lucky charms in the world, but if you’re whining all the time about what is wrong with your life without really moving a single finger to fix it…things aren’t likely to get better for you.

All this said, i do love clovers…and green colour is known to bring hope (at least in Spain).
Green and clovers…add some irish songs and a few pints of Guinness and you’re ready for St. Patrick’s day!!!

I chose spending this night in the Real Life, ‘cos RL pints are much tastier!!! Only thing is at least virtual alcochol doesn’t give you a huge hangover. Hope i can be in good condition to dj tonight at SL Addicts!!!!!!

Hangover apocalypse

6 Mar

Yes, i am sure you all have had one of these mornings, when you wake up with a weird taste on your mouth, some meaningfull sentence written on your face, maybe even some custom drawing too, and someone’s undies on your head.
You barely remember what happened last night, but you think it was big fun, just because your whole body aches. Suddenly, you notice you’re not alone…
Then you look at the other side of the bed and see someone for the first time, you rub your eyes but no, the stranger’s still there!

-Hmmmm, you say.
-Hey, stranger answers.

At this point, you have two options: being a nice host and make some coffee for both, or kick the stranger out of your place and try not to bump into each other ever again.

I wont say which one was my choice, but afterwards i decided to hang out a bit. Too lazy to dress up, i picked some leggins and an oversized t-shirt and left. I was wondering what were those people looking at…

…when i started hearing them almost pissing on themselves.
And then it happened: i saw him. All dressed for the occassion, wearing a tie like only a true gentleman can do…I couldn’t stop perving him!

I was wondering if i should go and talk to him, when he rezzed these couple dance poseballs.

-Fancy a dance?, he said.
– Uhu, i answered.

Time was flying and we were dancing like noone else was there, they all vanished in this hangover apocalypse.

– Hello stranger, i said.
– Nice hat, he answered.

And we both smiled 🙂