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The story of the elf that lost her soul

21 Feb

Have you ever wondered if an avi has a soul? I always thought it is the person behind the avi, but guess what? I was wrong.

Yesterday i went with Karm to see a tribute band playing Volbeat songs. We were enjoying the show,dancing and singing along when i got this message: yummy alert at 6.

I couldnt help saying hi to the yummy one, as nice as i am lol. He told me he is a vampire, and you know those peeps always scan you first!! I admitted i was once bitten. It was no big deal, he said it was a hug animation, i accepted and …ta-da! Next thing i knew was my soul went to Limbo. Evelyna took me to buy a potion the next day and i thought that was it. Well no, according to the yummy i cant get my soul back and it will go to the next vampire that bites me.

Yummy, Karm & me

I know a few vampire fellows that want to suck my blood, and i have always said no. If they were Eric Northmam (aka Alexander Skarsgård) i’d let them suck my blood for sure!! (and maybe even something else ;p)

And the worst part is looks like if i wait some more, my soul will go into abyss. I wonder what would happen then…will i become a zombie? Will my attachments fall and my skin get rotten? Zombies eat brains and intestines….yikes!!!

After this , we went to do some Tai-chi, you know to relax body and find peace of mind and soul…

Maybe i can buy a new soul at the marketplace?

Will these questions find an answer?

To be continued…