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A night at the Titanic

28 Aug

Ever wondered what would’ve happened in Titanic (the film) if Leonardo Di Caprio saved his life? Maybe they would’ve married, have pretty kids and so…or maybe they would’ve realised they had nothing in common and just break up. Or maybe they both joined Second Life and live happily in the virtual version of the ship ;p

One of the best things in SL is you can be able to explore the virtual version of cities, planets, beautiful landscaped and yes, even the Titanic!! And no signs of icebergs here, actually the only thing that can put you in danger there is some occasional singer i am not going to mention.  I will just say he makes ME sound like a good singer.

Thursday night we were lucky and HE wasn’t there, the singer was actually not bad at all, the stars were shining and the moon was bright and we were looking gorgeous as ever.


Except a small area at the entrance that’s stuffed with ugly vendors, the rest is very well decorated and well, the company made it even better.

You dont get to see Jops in a tux often, so i had to get the chance and make some pics to get some graphic proof of this moment!!


Thank you for the last 6 months of my SL.



Btw, if you want to spend a quiet night, just dancing and chatting and…whatever else you wanna do while dancing ( ;p) just grab this taxi to the Titanic and explore it yourself!



The Geekgasm Hunt

25 Jun

Are you a geek? And proud of it?

If the answer to these questions is yes, or if you just feel sympathy for everything geek related, then this hunt is for you!!!41 stores with awesome gifts for the übergeek ❤

I finnished it yesterday and had a hard time taking pics of all items so you can have a preview. Most of them look much better in-world than in the pics, so don’t hesitate and hunt them yourself!!


Here i am wearing gifts from #1 (shape, skin and ears), #2 (bow tie and glasses), #4 (bracelete), #7 (DNA summer dress), #10 (hat)

#5 (ears), #6 (talk nerdy to me female outfit, has a male version too)

#3(tardis lamp), #8 (glowin penguin lamp and shoulder sitter), #9( skin, hairbase, 3d glasses and teeth layer), #11 (pose and cane)

#12- (Cthulu Plushie and hair), #13 (go fishy lava lamp), #14 (first spring home, this one looks waaay better in full view and in world), #15 (blow me nintendo shirt and i spy with my little omfggg tattoo)

#16 (rubiks, earing and ring), #17 geek ultra nook, #18 male shirt (nerd is the new sexy, comes with a female shirt too but i prefer this one), #19 geek survival backpack, #30 phone neck strap

#20 Urkel outfit (female) and light saber umbrella

#21 ivory pearl earing, #22 boom! head shot tank, #24 shocked nerd sweater on waist,
#25 cthulhu (mouth), #26 turn me on eyes, #28 princess peach mizu makeover, #29 mario nails shroom, #31 pose (5 from a set of 5)

#23 do it like a nerd outfit, #34 gamegirl beanbag and gaming device, #37 nerding you earings

#27 afk pac-man style sign, has an afk on top of the avi’s head but it’s not shown on the picture, pac-man ghost on mouth & vulcan shirt, #36 shy geek pose 1, #39 lunatic lanyards blue (neck)

#32 geek t-shirt

#33 argyle anonimous shirt and pants, nerdy glasses and herman tie, #36 shy geek pose 2

#35 1<3u shirt

#38 reading pillows, #40 what i am hoodie jacket

#41 hands


Like it? Then go hunting!! Starting point is @ Ello Poppet and it runs from 7am SLT on June23rd to July 13th (a whopping nine days longer than last year!), and hunters will be looking for a tiny prim Nintendo Entertainment System (NES :). Look for the Geekgasm group in-world to meet some fellow hunters and get the notecard with all the hints. Happy hunting!!





19 Jun

Some people say changes scare them as they prefer following their own old comfy routines, day after day…
For me changes are one of my fave spices to flavour my life. A change always allows you to live something new and, what is more important, learn something new.
Sooo…appart from some changes that i am veery looking forward in my life, i changed the layout of this blog, edited the new fashion section (check the “look at me” tab, and i am working on new stuff about Verne and…the shapeshifter ;p

Of course i’d like to know your oppinion on the new blog, so go ahead and tell me. I am still working on it, but they say two brains work better than one…

Oh, and today i’ll start djing in a new club!!!!


Been working on the setlist , and i am pretty excited with the result. Hope you like it and that you join me!!


The name of the club is Rock U: The University Of Rock, and i am ready to teach you a thing…or two!

Wanna come? You can find your taxi here .


Fantasy Faire and Relay For Life: The Power Of Imagination

16 Apr

Sorry everyone for the delay, but i’ve had a busy and lazy week at the same time. Hope you have had a great week and are starting a nice weekend!

This said, i must show you all how amazing was the Fantasy Faire event that took part in Second Life. Proving not only that SL is not only a game for fun, but it can bring people together to raise funds for a good cause: helping others fight against cancer. Due to several circumstances i payed my visit the last day and i have to say i regret not visiting earlier, with plenty of time to explore.

Taken from the Fantasy Fair press note:

Started three years ago as a benefit for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society, the Fantasy Faire of Second Life has raised more than $25,000 USD. For 2011 the goal of the Faire team, Friends Fighting Cancer, is to nearly double that amount by raising an additional $20,000 USD.

The Fantasy Faire 2011 features eight themed shopping sims, and a separate Events and Auctions sim which will border the American Cancer Society Island for the entire run of the Faire.

Twelve designers have worked, some alone, some in tandem, to create the Faire sims. They have had less than a month to develop and less than a week to install nine sims that are each a testament to their talents as builders and artists and to the spirit of Relay for Life.

Over 150 of Seconds Life’s top fantasy creators line the paths of the shopping sims, with a range of genres and styles from Elven, Fae, Steampunk, Mer, Goth, SciFi, and the gamut from tinies to Dragons. Every sim is a melange of elements and from door to door you’ll find clothing, avatars, furnishings, pre-fab houses and the kitchen sink filled with gooey chocolate.”

If you want, you can also find Relay For Life in Second Life

And now i will guide you through the 8 sims, shame just a few pics of my fave places can’t express all the beauty and the peace i found while capturing these images:

-Dark Mirage Sim:

This is where i chose to start my trip. It’s a dark, magical sim with a kinda arabian taste. Think kinda art deco and arabian pieces and mysterious landscaping and you might get a bit of the taste it had, at least for me. My fave spot?:

-Enchanted Mysts:

The place i chose to rest a bit before continuing the journey. Classy beautifully crafted buildings surrounded by elven like landscape, totally worth taking some time to just relax and enjoy.

-Exotic Worlds:

Interactive sim full of secret places to explore and delight yourself. Definetely one of my fave sims!!!

-Fantastical and Magical sim:

Faerie tales? That paradise you dreamed about when you were a kid? This sim brings together everything you could dream about when your imagination ruled your world. I felt like a little girl in a toy store 🙂

-Forest of Light:

Fantastic creatures in an enchanted forest where anyone would like to get lost for a while.

-Forest of Shadow:

Deep dark astonishing forest, no matter how deep you explore, you’ll always find something capturing your attention and not letting you go.

-Nemo Revisited:

A true tribute to Verne and the era of inventions. My fave part was the submarine where i found Nemo’s workshop:

Neptune was showing the way to the next sim…

-Sea of Mer:

The paradise any mermaid would love living in. To enjoy it appropiately i chose to become a mermaid myself using my Merlust outfit by Panda Express , mermaid skin by The Plastik and the Aloha hair by Truth Hair.
This was the sim where i spent most time, selected my fave pics to show you:

And this is all, sorry for the long post but didnt want to miss anything. I’d like to thank the creators of this huge event for their hard work and the amazing effort they’ve made to raise funds for a cause that really touches my heart.

The Da Vinci Gardens & The Temple of the Pharaon: A mission for 007

6 Apr

Special agent 007 got a call from M, telling him to meet in his office so he could give him his new assignment. He was asked to go to a place named Da Vinci Gardens, find the secret temple and then get into the treasure’s chamber. Apparently there was something in there the Queen wanted badly.

– You wont go alone though, 007. We don’t want you to get stuck in some harem, said M.
– But that will ruin the fun!!!, answered 007.

At this point, Moneypenny guided me to the office where the meeting was taking place. I saw this sexy guy in a suit and thought…how lucky i am?

– 007, this is agent 069, she will be your partner in this mission, M said.
– Tulip, Joppem Tulip, said agent 007.
– Just call me 69, i answered.

And we got dressed as a couple having a romantic date, to not look suspicious in such a romantic Sim.
Started the tour flying around the place, delighting ourselves with the amazing views.

– Nice view, said 007.
– Could you please stop looking between my legs?, i said.
– It is not my fault, it’s the wind dear. And i can’t stop looking at something so beautiful, he replied.

We finally got to the temple’s entrace. Didn’t look that dangerous, but i was wondering if my heels were the most suitable footwear for that mission. Without time for changing, i had to continue.

– OMG snakes!!!!!, I screamed .
– Don’t worry , my dear. I will protect you, he said while holding me tight. Just follow me close and everything will be ok.

Still wondering how could he smell so damm good in the middle of the desert, i followed him, trying hard not to get lost in the dark.

-Mmmm did i say i love that dress, Miss 69?
-Could we please focus on the mission?, i replied, trying not to blush.

It was dark, the air was thick and stinky and we could hear creepy sounds of only God knows what kind of creatures. I was scared that we were lost, but then we found this rotating brige, with fire under it. There was a huge golden gate at the other side, looked like the Pharaon’s Chamber!!

Agent Tulip suddenly stopped, i was worried so i asked what was wrong.

– Fire, i cannot walk through that brige. What if i fall?, said the scared sexy looking agent.
– Don’t worry dear, i will help you get to the other side.

I started crossing the rotatitng bridge, small steps, being veeery careful not to fall. After all, this was one of my fave dresses, i wasn’t going to ruin it!

As soon as i got to the other side, i sent him a teleport. Don’t you just love teleporting?

And finally we got to the Pharaon’s Secret Chamber!!!!007 started to wander around the place, looking for the treasure.

– Look, it’s there!!!!, i screamed while pointing at one side of the chamber.
– What? That is a Souvenir store!!, let’s find the treasure for the Queen, said 007.
– Yes, exactly. She wanted some postcards, didn’t you know? , i said.
– We risked our pixels for some postcards?, said poor 007 looking shocked.

So i held his hand and guided him outside again.

We deserved some rest after such a hard mission, so i thought relaxing in a tent sounded nice.

– So…why are you named 007? , i asked.
– Because i always give every woman at least 7 orgasms, he answered.Why are you called 69?
– I will explain it to you, i said while blowing the candles in the tent.

And once it was all dark and cozy…

Big in Japan

26 Mar

Lately we’ve all heard in the news about Japan and the tragedy japanese people are living now. My best wishes and biggest hopes for them. I am sure, as strong and hard working as they are, soon they will be reborn.

All this said, when the other day Jops suggested to visit the Second Life version of Japan thought it would be a great idea to see how someone portrayed the real country in a virtual world. Said and done, we headed to explore this great sim.

Here’s Jops enjoying the sunset views.

I’ve never been to Japan but, for what i can tell, whoever created the sim did an awesome job. You can find typical stores, clubs, houses…aswell as some secret hideouts and even a submarine nightclub!

Yay duty free!!!!!

The only bad thing is the lag is awful, we were lucky it was almost empty during our visit, i don’t want to imagine if more than let’s say 10 people want to explore at a time!!Maybe i could suggest the owner a restart once in a while, so you don’t get stuck while trying to enjoy the beauty.

High heels make you look sexier and more elegant, yes…but sure it’s not the most suitable footwear to go sightseeing!!!!Veeery tired , with my poor pixelated feet hurting like hell, i thought it would be nice catching the train to the upper part of town.

Not being a resident, i had no idea of the train timetable, so i waited and waited…and soon started to need a restroom badly. Isn’t it funny how, the more you need to pee, the less likely you’re to find a bathroom?

Now Jops doesn’t wonder anymore why the sea was starting to look yellow!!!

Finally the train arrived. Seats weren’t too comfy i must say but hey, it is better than walking on 10 cm heels up hill!!!

I continued the trip til the last stop, up the hill, enjoying the astonishing beauty of the views and i found something totally unespected…a school!!!Verne didn’t come with us this time, but i will have to bring him soon. I am sure he’ll love this school, plus he can learn japanese to talk with Jops!!! (yes, Jops can talk japanese haha)

More to be shown soon…

Verne’s first wank part II

14 Mar

So, after discussing wether scarecrows can talk or not i changed clothes quickly behind the barn. Damm smelly cows!!!

Suddenly, something happened:the scarecrow got an erection!!!!! Maybe it was because the wind changed direction…i don’t know how it happened, but i couldn’t believe my eyes!!!

-Mommy, mommy, what’s that thing in the scarecrow pants?
-A Sausage, maybe we should do a bbq?

Said and done, we found this barbecue and where else could you get fresh meat and veggies? Everything was so delicious Verne wanted more, he jumped on the bbq and burned his ass. I was laughing so hard!!!!

That’ll teach him not to sit on hot things again!

Maybe it was the smell of roasted meat, maybe little creatures are naturally attracted to each other, but my little creepy found a new friend.

The doggy started licking Verne‘s ass, and i think he didn’t like it, ‘cos he started running like mad til he found shelter inside the barn. Once i stopped laughing i decided to follow him, he was taking too long to get out of there, and we all know what a mess kids can do when left on their own.

-Look mommy!!!!It’s Piglet!!!!

-Piglet, wanna try on my cowboy hat?
-That’s not Piglet silly, it’s just an average pig.
-Look mommy!Piglet likes my hat!!Wait…nooooo, don’t eat it Piglet!!

-I am sooo not going to buy you a new hat, Verne!
-Bah i don’t mind, i didn’t like it anyway.Look, a tractor,can i drive it?
-Sure!!!Go for it!!

Luckily the keys were not there, or the lil’ creepy would’ve destroyed the whole farm i am sure.
And, after all this fun, we both had a nap before our trip back home.

Oh gawd, farms are sooo tiring!!

Quick, catch that train fast!!!!!

12 Mar

What’s better for a lazy saturday morning than a quiet walk with Verne? We found a steampunk sim that’s still under construction, City17. You can find very interesting stores there, and a charming post-apocalyptic atmosphere aswell.

We can’t wait to see it finnished, sure it deserves a visit!!

While wandering around something caught Verne’s attention…a train!!

I’ve always loved trains, i enjoy sitting on a train station, just watching them come and go, wondering about the people travelling in them, their stories…yes, i have a very vivid imagination!
It is the same with planes or ships, but trains have this poetic thing that really charms me.

In life, you can sit comfortably in a wagon and enjoy the views from your window, while others guide your train…

Or you can take control and drive it yourself! Requires more skills and also some bravery, but sure it pays back!
As everything, the trains you choose to take are really important as, depending on the ones you take, your life will get to a different destiny. But, in my oppinion, it’s equally important to enjoy the trip, wherever it takes you.

-Quick Verne, we’re missing that train!
-Where will it take us, mom?
-No idea, we’ll find out once we get there love.

The bear and the inflatable lover

26 Feb

While getting the setlist ready for my friday party at SL Addicts i couldnt imagine the kind of patrons that joined my set ;p
Theme was sexiest avi and prize was 69 linden dollars and a TNT Sex Bed, and you know when you say sex anything can happen!!
I am really glad Karm and Jops could join us!!It is always fun, but it’s much better with friends 🙂

We were all having a blast, and looks like the tuneage and the smexxyness floating in the air got Makin in the mood for some lovin’. He looked for a volunteer, but all the girls were busy shakin’ their pixels to my music, so he had to use his imagination…and those gadgets hidden in your inventory you usually dont dare to take out!!

Tracy did her best to fulfill his needs, but seems he had too much energy to spend…and a huge amount of lube!!
Suddenly, he invited Bernie the Bear to his own orgy…here’s the graphic proof:

I wonder if Verne will have a cousin soon…

Oh my deer!!!

24 Feb

Have you ever roleplayed? If so, what are your experiences?
I think SecondLife is some kind of role play , at least for some peeps, but i never tried my hand at rp’ing.

Since i found out about NeverWhere, a rp sim with pirates, elves, merfolks and some other fantasy creatures i’ve been wanting to write a post about it. The url provided will take you to Panda Express Main Store. Click the NeverWhere poster to get the rules, observer tag and info and use the teleporter to start exploring.
Since once you start roleplaying there you cant change shape or hair colour, i’d thought i could try something i’ve never wore and see what happens.

Oh Deer by Panda Express

The Sim info notecard says:
THIS IS A MATURE SIM! Adult actions are preformed here! Dark adult actions! To include but not limited too:

I am surprised that anyone wants to perform a rape rp action, since it is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Certain sexual games can be fun , but rape?
Anyway, the part that also catched my attention was the canibalism bit. Since an avi has a soul, and it’s made of pixels…can my pixels be eaten by a hungry cannibal avi?

Hungry for more information i started touring this awesome place. Wether if you are into rp’ing or not the place itself is worth a visit. I got my eyes whide open just in case someone tried to eat my lovely pixels, and luckily enough i am safe and have all my attachments in place. I am sooooo gonna go back when i can spend more than a few minutes exploring. Here’s a small sample of the beauty you can find at Neverwhere.

Have a nice day everyone!!!