Faith or Joke?

21 Aug

These past days i’ve been thinking a lot about faith, religion and why we people do certain stuff. I’ve been raised as a catholic, and i was quite happy with going to church every sunday and so on, til something happened and i started to change my mind and my point of view, not my faith. Also i was always the kind of person that questions almost everything, i’m curious about everything too and that made me have a mind of my own since very young. I respect other people’s choices, but certain things just make me very angry and dissapointed at the same time.

So, millions of youngsters from all over the world spend their money in some low cost trip (considering the discount on flights, the free accomodation in colleges, 80% discount in transport and tickets for 3 meals per day) in visiting another country and suffer the heat to be walking around and collapsing the public transport for a week…oh and getting drunk in parks!!! Sounds good, doesnt it?

I would be very happy with that, done it myself but…these people are supposed to be moved by their faith and their religous ideas, and are also supposed to believe in a guy that preaches stuff that scares me sometimes.

I know i said i respected other people’s ideas, and i do but…honestly, if Jesus could talk to them, don’t you think he’d rather the millions of euros spent in the Pope’s visit to be spent in feeding the hungry, buying medicines or helping those who suffer, those who see their kids die just because they can’t drink clean water?

And i also doubt the motivations of some of these youngsters, when they see a homeless guy beggin in the street, and they sit 4 meters from him to eat like 20 pizzas without even giving him a portion. Makes me wanna puke.

And all this payed with public money and tax refunds, while people are kicked out of their houses because they cannot afford their mortgage.

Finally they left, and i really hope things change in the minds of those who think they are good enough to tell others how to live their lives. Not sure of the english expression, but they should live like they preach.

Enuff said ;p

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