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2 Jun

Every offer’s gathered on the floor
Neatly piled up in the hall
Guiding voices on the phone
They’ll probably never ever leave you alone
Or ever leave you at all

Information by the pound
New directions oh so profound
Close to being lost at sea
Of suggestive misery
And no matter what you do
There’s always someone
knowing better than you
But that’s fine, So fine
You always have the right to end it
And resign

Refried visions in an envelope
Messages awaiting in the night
On a cover of a magazine
On the front of where you need to be seen
Expecting you to do right

Information by the pound
A sea of suggestion
In which you can drown
New ideas like you
Wouldn’t believe
You oughta try it
It will set you free
The hints are being
Shoved down your throat
We’re all in this together
So don’t rock the boat
But that’s fine, so fine
You always have the right
To end it, and resign

(Lyrics from “Resign”, by Imperial State Electric)