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The Da Vinci Gardens & The Temple of the Pharaon: A mission for 007

6 Apr

Special agent 007 got a call from M, telling him to meet in his office so he could give him his new assignment. He was asked to go to a place named Da Vinci Gardens, find the secret temple and then get into the treasure’s chamber. Apparently there was something in there the Queen wanted badly.

– You wont go alone though, 007. We don’t want you to get stuck in some harem, said M.
– But that will ruin the fun!!!, answered 007.

At this point, Moneypenny guided me to the office where the meeting was taking place. I saw this sexy guy in a suit and thought…how lucky i am?

– 007, this is agent 069, she will be your partner in this mission, M said.
– Tulip, Joppem Tulip, said agent 007.
– Just call me 69, i answered.

And we got dressed as a couple having a romantic date, to not look suspicious in such a romantic Sim.
Started the tour flying around the place, delighting ourselves with the amazing views.

– Nice view, said 007.
– Could you please stop looking between my legs?, i said.
– It is not my fault, it’s the wind dear. And i can’t stop looking at something so beautiful, he replied.

We finally got to the temple’s entrace. Didn’t look that dangerous, but i was wondering if my heels were the most suitable footwear for that mission. Without time for changing, i had to continue.

– OMG snakes!!!!!, I screamed .
– Don’t worry , my dear. I will protect you, he said while holding me tight. Just follow me close and everything will be ok.

Still wondering how could he smell so damm good in the middle of the desert, i followed him, trying hard not to get lost in the dark.

-Mmmm did i say i love that dress, Miss 69?
-Could we please focus on the mission?, i replied, trying not to blush.

It was dark, the air was thick and stinky and we could hear creepy sounds of only God knows what kind of creatures. I was scared that we were lost, but then we found this rotating brige, with fire under it. There was a huge golden gate at the other side, looked like the Pharaon’s Chamber!!

Agent Tulip suddenly stopped, i was worried so i asked what was wrong.

– Fire, i cannot walk through that brige. What if i fall?, said the scared sexy looking agent.
– Don’t worry dear, i will help you get to the other side.

I started crossing the rotatitng bridge, small steps, being veeery careful not to fall. After all, this was one of my fave dresses, i wasn’t going to ruin it!

As soon as i got to the other side, i sent him a teleport. Don’t you just love teleporting?

And finally we got to the Pharaon’s Secret Chamber!!!!007 started to wander around the place, looking for the treasure.

– Look, it’s there!!!!, i screamed while pointing at one side of the chamber.
– What? That is a Souvenir store!!, let’s find the treasure for the Queen, said 007.
– Yes, exactly. She wanted some postcards, didn’t you know? , i said.
– We risked our pixels for some postcards?, said poor 007 looking shocked.

So i held his hand and guided him outside again.

We deserved some rest after such a hard mission, so i thought relaxing in a tent sounded nice.

– So…why are you named 007? , i asked.
– Because i always give every woman at least 7 orgasms, he answered.Why are you called 69?
– I will explain it to you, i said while blowing the candles in the tent.

And once it was all dark and cozy…