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Best Friends Part I: Friggin

29 Mar

One wednesday morning, back in my newbie days, i rezzed topless in the Underground Garage ( gotta love topless tuesdays). While looking for some clothes in my inventory i noticed i wasn’t alone.

-Oi, he said.
-Hey, i replied.

We danced some rock tango and chatted and chatted for a long time. Since that moment we explored together and had lots of fun. He is smart, funny, cynic, eccentric and; above all, honest with himself and with people. He has one of the strongest personalities i’ve met in Second Life and i love him for that!!
With Frig you can laugh your ass off talking about the silliest things, joking around, wearing ridiculous outfits and just playing the fool…but you can also talk about deep stuff and politics, religion and the meaning of things. Plus he is a great advisor concerning cat care!

When i most needed a friend, right after the break up with my SL ex, losing the club we co-owned and so, he was there not minding talking with me for a long long time til i felt better and he was one of the people that helped me move on and have fun again 🙂

I could be writing about him for a long long time, but i guess you don’t like reading long boring blog entries (insert evil laugh here) so i will stop here.

This is Friggin, a guy from the cold with a very warm heart!!