The Lion King & The Fearless Elf

20 Mar

They say he’s the king of the jungle . Humans fear him and animals run away scared when they see him. He’s been known through the history for being one of the most ferocious creatures, and its face is one of the most widely recognized animal symbols.

I try to not make quick judgements about anything or anyone, and i tend to think the best from everything…until i am given a reason not to! Yes, i’ve had my dissapointments too, but don’t think i’ve had more than those who never trust anyone or those who make their own concept about you before even getting to actually know you.

Unfortunately, too often we let our prejudices dominate us, and we miss experiences worth living, places worth visiting…and creatures worth dancing with!!!

He’s wild, he stinks, but he’s oh so cuddable!!! Plus i am never cold at night with him around 🙂

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