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Quick, catch that train fast!!!!!

12 Mar

What’s better for a lazy saturday morning than a quiet walk with Verne? We found a steampunk sim that’s still under construction, City17. You can find very interesting stores there, and a charming post-apocalyptic atmosphere aswell.

We can’t wait to see it finnished, sure it deserves a visit!!

While wandering around something caught Verne’s attention…a train!!

I’ve always loved trains, i enjoy sitting on a train station, just watching them come and go, wondering about the people travelling in them, their stories…yes, i have a very vivid imagination!
It is the same with planes or ships, but trains have this poetic thing that really charms me.

In life, you can sit comfortably in a wagon and enjoy the views from your window, while others guide your train…

Or you can take control and drive it yourself! Requires more skills and also some bravery, but sure it pays back!
As everything, the trains you choose to take are really important as, depending on the ones you take, your life will get to a different destiny. But, in my oppinion, it’s equally important to enjoy the trip, wherever it takes you.

-Quick Verne, we’re missing that train!
-Where will it take us, mom?
-No idea, we’ll find out once we get there love.