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Lie, Pornocchio lie!!!!!

2 Mar

We always complain about how easily people lie, and get hurted when we find out the truth. Lies can cause a big damage in any kind of relationship, from friendship to partnership. It is like using a duct tape. When you stick it for the first time it sticks perfectly, but if you unstick it and use it again…it will never fit so perfectly. Conclusion: once lies appear and trust is damaged, things are never the same.

Of course you can forgive, try to forget, and go on…but deep inside things wont be the same ever. A broken mirror can never look brand new, even if you glue the pieces.

All this said, i met someone that i really really cant wait to get fooled by. I want him to lie to me, big big lies with no mercy. He’s a bit shorter than me and he is…well…made of wood. Wanna know who am talking about?

Lie Pornocchio lie!!!!!!!

Unfortunately he wasnt too excited about his wooden body , said this family of thermites were making holes all around his tiny body. He asked this faerie to make him a human boy…

And she turned him into a grown up man…and very yummy i must say.

Shame he lost his growing nose…lies arent fun anymore ;p