The Thrill is Gone

7 Feb

Though this is only a SL blog, something happened that i feel the need to write about.

Last night i was surprised by the sad news…Gary Moore’s death body was found in a hotel in Estepona, Spain. Though i am not his biggest fan, one has to admit there are certain musicians that shine so bright with their talent that leave a deep mark in our hearts, and god he had talent!!

Either with Thin Lizzy (in my oppinion his best time), with the rest or bands/artists he played with or on his own, he is one of those that will remain in the history of music for generations to come.

58 years he had, too youg to die for sure. Live fast, play hard…and leave a pretty corpse?

I guess it is the price some pay for burning stages in life so fast, but we’ll always have his legacy. Sex, drugs and alcohol? Well i bet for sure he had fun in sunny South Spain.

Wonder how long til some band does a SL tribute to him, and if it will live up to my expectations…

Rest in Peace Mr Moore.

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